Single-sentence animations inspired by Qua poetry.

Shattered Glass by Lauren Chopski.
Inspired by Shards by Joel Zuehlke.

The Quiet Dream of Winter Night by Jessica Fritz.
Inspired by Seasons of Loss by Beth Leblanc.

Hair by Lindsay DuRussel.
Inspired by Questions for my Father by Nicole O’Leary.

Shoe Shines by Terry Hale.
Inspired by Lilac Rain by Jennifer Ross.

Mario by Elizabeth Thomas.
Inspired by Moderation (Too Much Happiness) by Christine Hanson.

imissyouimissyou by Siraj Usmani.
Inspired by Blend by Tara Moreno.

Fall Face First by Alita Prince.
Inspired by Burning by Sarah Kenny.

Adrenaline by Hannah Eckman.
Inspired by Tripped Up by Stephanie Roach.

My hair… by Marlenn Arambula.
Inspired by Byblis’ Sorrow by Alisha Welliver.

Yellow Lawns by Joelle Guagliardo.
Inspired by Yellow Lawns by Nikki Roulo.

Hurry Hurry by Holly Kirshman.
Inspired by Depression, by James O’Dea.

Unthinkable by Christopher M Bulliner.
Inspired by Unthinkable, by Jade Bell.

Cosmic Notes by Shekinah Shazaam.
Inspired by The Concentricity of Orbits, by Grace Carey.

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