Qua is the University of Michigan-Flint’s biannual student-run literary and fine arts magazine. Currently we accept submissions for fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and art.

Our mission is to promote the work of writers and artists in the Flint and surrounding areas.

Qua Literary and Fine Arts Magazine favors lucid and robust writing that captures the attention and provokes reflection.  Manuscripts should be rich in substance, accessible to a varied audience, and original.  Submissions with relevancy, clarity, and a head-turning style are likely to be chosen.

Editor-in-Chief: Joel Zuehlke
Poetry Editor: Colin Wayman
Prose Editor: Stacie Scherman
Marketing Coordinator: Shekinah Tapplin
Readers: Lauren Climie, Andrea Edwards, Nancy Grigg, Brittany Henneberry, Amanda Honold, Aaron Johnson, Stephanie Ruddock, Amanda Worley, Taylor Harvey, Aaron Ayala, Brekke Pichette
Web Coordinator: Nicholas Looney
Art & Design Adviser: Benjamin Gaydos
General Adviser: Katie Curnow

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